December 4, 2016

What to Wear: Autumn/Winter 16

By In Writing
Happy Saturday everyone! With Autumn well and truly established and temperatures quickly dropping, it’s time for our wardrobes to change. In today’s post, I’m going to be talking to you about the hottest runway trends established in AW16 collections earlier this year, and how to try them out for yourself with the help of some superb high street brands, in particular ESPRIT. For my own personal style, when the new season arrives, I’ll often take inspiration from magazine editorials, and then find the best equivalents at affordable prices. When searching amongst the hottest editorials across international titles, I discovered multiple reigning trend motifs apparent for this season. Want to know how to channel these trendy motifs? Keep on reading!


from left to right: Gucci, Dior, Alexander McQueen

Alessandro Michele’s reinventing of Gucci has set a hot trend with embellishments and decorative details across the collections for this season. Many ready-to-wear pieces could be perceived as couture pieces instead, due to their sharp detail and utter elegance. The embellishment trend is perfect for the festive season upon us; there’s nothing more suited to Christmas than eccentric embellishments constructed through sequins – the perfect depiction of glitz and glamour! Be sure to check out ESPRIT’s specific christmas party selection, containing sequinned pieces which have taken inspiration from this hot trend.
Eighties Glam

Saint Laurent
Amongst the many trends set for this season, this one had to be my favourite. Made particularly evident in Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane took classic wardrobe pieces and infused them with sheer eighties glam, setting a sharp trend for the season. From exaggerated shoulder tailoring to tight fitted mini dresses, the power of the eighties has never been more evident. This trend projects bold clothes often more suited to evening wear, with defining decorative accessories, big buckle belts and fishnet tights. It’s a trend which is already showing across the high street through sharp shouldered blazers to patent leather loop belts. Daring? Definitely. But nonetheless the hottest trend of them all. To re-create this look, be sure to buy pieces with sharp shoulder tailoring (and off the shoulder for an even bolder look) and clingy, tight structures to act as corsets for the waist. Topshop Unique channelled this motif in their own resort collection this year, so check out their pieces hereESPRIT also offer a great selection of buckle belts which act as the crucial accessory in establishing this eighties glam look, so be sure to check out their selection here.
Elevated Outerwear

from left to right: Vetements, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney

There’s no doubt that Vetements has been the fashion brand of the year, taking the streets by storm with it’s oversized hoodies and pants sealed with striking statements. Alongside other designers like Louis Vuitton, Yeezy, Balenciaga, and Stella McCartney, the athleisure trend is more apparent than ever this season through a super comfortable puffer jacket. Balanciaga illustrated its diverse styling opportunities through it’s off-the-shoulder placement with a high polar-neck jumper and black cigarette trousers (pictured above). Other names like Louis Vuitton kept to the more traditional sporty look that the puffer jacket projects, pairing it with athletic trousers, and laced up shoes. The puffer jacket is a winter warming essential, and paired with other layers of sporty clothing, what would have once been viewed as simply functional is now viewed as a super stylish street look as well! Check out ESPRIT’s perfect puffer jacket here as an essential in re-creating this look. You can either pair it with additional sporty pieces, or blend it with dressier items as shown above to fuse the casual with the chic.

from left to right: Valentino, Prada, Alberta Ferretti

Ah, my all time favourite A/W trend is back! Velvet has forever been my favourite fabric, and is something which I plan to wear a lot of this current season. It made a clear comeback amongst AW16 collections, from rich slinky gowns in Valentino to romantic, lingerie style suits in Alberta Ferretti. Whether you include its presence as a statement piece in an outfit, or align yourself completely with the trend in a head-to-toe velvet look, be sure to purchase an item composed with the stunning fabric for the fall season. Check out ESPRIT’s velvet tuxedo blazer here and trousers here for that perfect chic look dominated by the fabric of the season, a personal favourite of mine amongst the high street selections.
The Cape

from left to right: Marc Jacobs, JW Anderson, Prada

I’ve always thought that the perfect winter essential was a cape, and luckily for us, so did the top designers. Capes graced the runways of Autumn/Winter collections this year, both short and long, and of an array of styles. There’s a strong sense of practicality in a cape, yet it will always be perceived as stylish. As a winter essential and hot trend for this year, it’s the perfect purchase for your wardrobe! For that traditional, classy cape, check out a personal favourite cape of mine from Ted Baker, which can be found here.

Honouring the past

from left to right: Lanvin, Chanel, Erdem

When browsing amongst the top Autumn/Winter collections for this year, I noticed a recurring motif in honouring the past. The modern woman was infused with references to both the Renaissance and the turn-of-the century Victorian period, establishing an evening trend with deliciously dark undertones. From long, draping structures, to pie-crust collars, to embellished details, subtle nods to the past were intertwined with modernity through their eccentricity. This trend is the perfect influence for a formal occasion this season.


So that concludes my favourite established current trends! What’s your favourite trend for this season? I’d love to know! Share your thoughts in the comments box below.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
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