July 27, 2016

Stealin’ Street Style

By In Writing

Street Style: a show which is now equally as popular as those occurring on the runway. Street style serves as a form of endless inspiration for each of us; there’s nothing I love more than admiring the bold looks gracing the streets of London during fashion week, from which I take great influence. Thankfully, we are surrounded by both shops and online boutiques which faithfully match those naturally snapped outfits which we dream of, due to their effortlessness and clear style. In this weeks post, I’m going to be talking about my top street style trends from fashion week this year, and how you can re-create these looks with items from a superb store: ESPRIT.

So far this year, fashion week has presented us with some classic trends, as well as some bold, experimental ones. In particular, we’ve seen the growth of the luxury sport trend, arguably influenced by the craze of the Vetements hoody. Sport inspired pieces have been an essential part of 2016 street style; especially athletic stripe trousers, bold training shoes, and oversized sweatshirts and dresses.  Rihanna’s Fenty Puma AW16 collection was triumphant, highlighting the idea that sportswear can be used for so much more than just the gym. Renowned names such as Céline and Alexander Wang have created sport-influenced clothing too, transforming it into the modern definition of chic. It is certainly a big trend amongst fashion week’s top street style, so embrace the unisex look which many fashionistas have sported. Most luxury sport items are incredibly simple, making it equally as simple to re-create your own sport-inspired look. Why not try a simple sweatshirt-style dress, which can be found here, as well as a pair of trendy, classic white trainers, available from ESPRIT here.
Most people associate fashion week with grandeur and elegance. However, from looking at street style of 2016, casual-wear is in! This year, we have seen the growth of the denim jean trend, but with a modern twist. Skinny jeans are out, being replaced by straight-leg and wide leg jeans instead. But there’s more than just the cut of the jean; details on trims are now determining how fashionable an outfit is. From a frayed hem, to a dramatic flare, the list of options for jeans is endless, and each option is styled on the streets throughout fashion week. Whilst jeans tended to assist the statement part of an outfit, usually a top, they themselves are now the statement. From observing street style trends, I now style a statement pair of jeans with either a tee shirt or dressed up shirt, alongside a leather jacket and loafers. British Vogue’s fashion features director Sarah Harris is the perfect example of how to style this trend, and is a current favourite with street style photographers due to her denim jean dominated wardrobe. Who better to take inspiration from than a Vogue editor? The jean statement can easily be re-created with any pair of jeans which suit you. ESPRIT offer a wide variety of denim jeans, all of which correlate greatly those styled on the streets. Check out their extensive and affordable range here.
A denim pair of jeans are a must-have item in ones wardrobe. Though street style of 2016 has been somewhat experimental, we have still been reminded of the importance of classic, timeless fashion. My own personal wardrobe is highly dominated by black and white pieces, so the classic trend will always be my favourite. Dressing simply through both colour and cut projects both sophistication and effortlessness, and will always be apparent in any fashion event. Re-creating a classic fashionable look does not necessarily require a large sum of money; if high-fashion brands are out of your range, high-street brands offer incredible alternatives which equally boast style and chicness. I photographed Ulyana Sergeenko (shown below) outside the Dior Couture show in Paris this July. Quite simply, she looked classy and timeless, styling black tailored trousers with a chic white shirt, and elegant hat. Her arrival upon the streets of Paris was quite a show; and when being photographed, she advertised timeless inspiration. Thankfully, her stunning look can be easily re-created! After searching for just a few minutes online, I came across a beautiful equivalent from ESPRIT. A classy pair of loosely draped trousers like Ulyana’s can be found here, whilst a soft and simple feminine shirt can be found here. ESPRIT also offer a Black and White trend section, containing simple but sophisticated items which can give you that perfect classy look! Be sure to check out this key trend here.

Let us turn to the highlights of high fashion in 2016. The rise of Gucci’s latest creative director, Alessandro Michele, has sparked trends influenced by his bold creations. Most notably praised are his jackets, which have influenced the trend of the ‘statement bomber’. Another hit with Gucci is its latest collection of shoes; loafers, fringed-suede heels and clogs have been the most strutted shoes on the streets during fashion week. Clogs in particular are perfect for summer, and are a trend which always appear at this time of year. What I love about this type of shoe is that they can be paired in many ways; one may wish to take influence from Gucci clothing and style them with bright colours and bold animalistic decorated clothing. On the other hand, if one is more inclined to dress simply, they can act as a statement part of a look. For a cool and bold alternative to Gucci’s hit clog shoes, check out ESPRIT’s studded leather slip-on clogs here – the perfect summer statement shoe influenced by street style!

We are constantly looking for endless forms of inspiration when it comes to fashion. There is no doubt that street style will continue to influence our choices in clothing, as we are able to see the hit trends being modelled in an environment which is much more relatable and comforting to many. Though some of us may be limited on purchasing items from high fashion brands, we are surrounded by great stores which ensure our ability to assemble the most stylish ensembles that mirror those from fashion week. The most sought-after looks on the streets in 2016 can easily be re-created with the help of ESPRIT – so what are you waiting for? Head over to their website and re-create your favourite looks from the streets!

Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments box below! Until next time,

Faye .x

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