May 24, 2017

Sleepwear : Outerwear

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Before sharing the piece I wrote for this post a few days ago, I’d first like to briefly speak about the horrifying news that the world woke up to yesterday morning. It’s hard to collect your thoughts together about circumstances like this, because the mere thought of an act so sickening shouldn’t even be possible. But it was – it was sickening and completely inhumane. Those words can’t even begin to express it. News like this will always hit you hard – and this hit me because it happened so close to home, in a venue that many happy memories were made for me as a child. Concerts – they’re wholly ecstatic events that people go to for their own experience of pure joy. And for children in particular, pure joy in the most rewarding and innocent form imaginable – joy that remains with them forever. So the action of shattering a blessed experience for so many in the most horrific way is true inhumanity. It can’t be fathomed. Whilst I could write for days about the matter, I won’t say much more. I use this website as an open platform to share my thoughts, so I wanted to shed a piece of my opinion on the news – news I need not describe in detail because everyone reading this is sure to feel as equally disgusted. My thoughts go out to all those affected during this terrible act of inhumanity. But let us not allow it to diminish the dreams that should come from the wonderful experiences that are made through pop culture. Let us live out the dreams of those who are no longer here to pursue them.

In case you were wondering, I’m not wearing literal pyjamas in this post. But this co-ord’s similarity to the much loved louche loungewear generated more than a few glances when walking around London. I hadn’t questioned my choice in outfit before venturing out, simply because it’s a shirt and wide trousers – two items that I frequently wear on a weekly basis. So what is it about the full pyjama look that many are afraid to embrace?

Could it be the fear of looking like a sartorial slacker, a lazy implication that one has just rolled out of bed? Maybe. But I think that by challenging the formerly restricted boundaries of what we’re supposed to wear at different times of the day, one certainly doesn’t slack. Rather, one shows vivacity, a confidence to embrace a look that says I’m wearing something quite literally effortless and completely comfortable, whilst remaining impeccably chic and on trend. Because it most definitely is on trend. One simply has to look at the spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear collections of every leading designer and they would be sure to see at least one model showcasing an outfit stereotypically styled in the bedroom.
So why is it that designers are increasingly veering towards this look? Perhaps it’s a nod towards the comforts of home. Because that’s where we’re most at ease, is it not? In familiar surroundings. We’re living in an age where many people would choose to purchase clothes online whilst comfortably sat in bed, as opposed to battling avid shoppers in a hectic store. An age where many people choose to watch a film on netflix as opposed to venturing outside to sit in a cinema. As I talked about in my previous post, we’re sharing as much as possible online, inviting the world to see how we live our lives. And if the dressed-down fashions of the home are a great part of that, then this downtime game is understandably being converted to a wholly wearable daytime look. Public sphere, private sphere – the boundary between the two is immensely blurred. In being this way, the boundaries between daywear and evening-wear, and arguably formal and informal wear, are subsequently becoming more and more blurred too.

Now, in a stylised way, loungewear is becoming the norm. Honestly, I really like it. Take the co-ord set I chose to wear for this post: it’s slick navy colour and contrasting white piping connoted cosy elegance, but was quite literally elevated into an outdoors look with the addition of statement platform boots. Not only can it offer a timeless look, but it’s perfect for the summer season ahead. Why simply use it as attire for reading a novel on your chaise longue (aspiration of mine) when it can loosely drape upon your frame as a means of simple, practical style for summer? As summer approaches, lighter, looser materials naturally take the reigns on dressing, so why not promote the idea that you’ve just rolled out of bed in a trendy, fashionable manner? Aspire to Beyonce’s level that you woke up like this. I’m all for it, because I’m all for casual clothing. As of the past year, straight-leg jeans dominate most of my every day looks, and even a lot of my evening looks too. If I want to appear more formal in the evening, I’ll wear tailored trousers instead. So now comes the addition of the co-ord, pyjama resembling set too.

I find it to be healthy to challenge the formerly restricted boundaries of certain clothing. In this day and age, there’s no way that styling a pyjama-inspired look can’t be completely classy. Especially in London – a city defined by its abstractly embracing approach to dressing. This is a look that can transition you from avidly tweeting in bed to comfortably arranging your life whilst out and about in the world. As the year of 2017 fills many with social anxiety – and for us Brits in particular, the fast-approaching election day – our wardrobe needs to comfort us as much as possible. So let’s take it to the extreme and evoke a sensual mood whilst styling the most comfortable look: the pyjama. What’s next? Will we be venturing out in our bathrobes? I’ll let you know.

Faye .x

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Co-ord set: Mango
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  1. mybeautrip May 29, 2017

    This outfit is so cool and love the photos!

  2. Fashionably Idu June 1, 2017

    Comfort is the main reason I love this trend. Looks great on you.

  3. Violette June 13, 2017

    You are wearing these sleepwear so perfectly! I love these photos!


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