After some incredible inspiration I have decided to begin blogging again, though this time on a much more frequent and dedicated level. Over the past year I have completed my A Levels, and the results I received in August allowed me to secure my place to study English Literature at University in London. I have long wished to live in London and now that I am here, I’m both extremely grateful for the incredible opportunity and massively excited to explore all that the wonderful city has to offer! As mentioned, I hope to be posting very frequently as there are so many events being hosted in London as one of the most influential cities in the world, particularly relating to art and fashion.

Setting into London wasn’t too difficult, as I was so keen to explore the city. Most importantly, the week following my arrival in September was London Fashion Week. As it was my first time being in London during fashion week, I didn’t have the opportunity to be involved in the backstage aspects of the shows, however that didn’t stop me from researching the event locations, as I wanted to gain a true sense of what fashion week was all about, and how the capital responded to it. I was astounded by the amount of young girls like myself waiting outside all of the shows, and the individuality each one of them had in their outfit choices. I was lucky enough to meet some of the many leading figures in the industry, from Alexa Chung to Poppy Delevingne, and was also lucky enough to see the iconic Anna Wintour herself, though didn’t dare ask for a selfie as she is so rarely seen in one! I hope that as I am now settled in London, I will have the opportunity to work during fashion week in February, and gain even more insight into one of the four crucial weeks of fashion month.

I can’t wait to begin posting again; it’s been far too long!!

Faye .x

(just a few of the many photos taken during LFW! .x)

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