Founded in 2015 by myself – Faye Fearon – Faye-Isabella is a website exploring fashion through the eyes of a Londoner. Growing up in Liverpool, fashion was always of great interest to me, so when moving to London in 2015, I decided to express this interest through building my own website and, in turn, expanding my knowledge of the fashion industry. At twenty years old, I am currently an undergraduate English Literature student who has a strong love of writing, so sharing my thoughts on this website is something that I highly enjoy.

Faye-Isabella allows me to express my own style, journalism, photography and video editing to many loyal readers. I have always loved being creative, so bringing outfits together, choosing a location for photographs, editing content and finally writing a piece that reflects this imagery is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. I hope that Faye-Isabella will continue to grow and expand as I similarly do so with London.

For further questions or press enquiries, please use the contact form available through the ‘contact’ option above. I hope that you enjoy browsing Faye-Isabella!